• Completed Professional Masters in Games Development at the University of Abertay, Dundee in September 2010
  • Seeking work as an Assistant Producer in a great games studio
  • Recently completed part-time Assistant Producer role at Cohort Studios, Dundee after receiving a number of contract extensions
  • August- September 2010: Organisation and Coordination of Next Level Dundee 2010
  • Jan 2010- Aug 2010: Assistant Producer at Cohort Studios
  • Summer 2009: Organisation and Creation of Next Level Dundee
  • Early 2009: Design and Production of Science Sensation educational games
  • Summer 2008: Playtesting and Design at Tag Games, Dundee
  • Summer 2007: Playtesting at Rockstar North on GTA IV
  • Summer 2006: Playtesting at Rockstar North on GTA: Vice City Stories
  • Summer 2006: Graphics and Web Design at Hotscot, Fort William
  • Summer 2006: QA and basic Maya tools experience, Genuine Games, Fort William
Key Skills
  • People Management, conflict resolution and a passion for project work
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Familiar and confident with most scheduling software packages
  • Creative vision, adaptability and confidence working with all games development skill types
  • MSc Professional Games Development, 2009-2010
  • BA Games Design and Production Management with Distinction, 2006-2009  
 See below!


Mount Dash - Producer on 10 week UDK prototype project with a team of 14

Next Level Dundee 2010 Teaser

Worked as producer on Trap Inc. by the Guinea Pixels team

Worked as producer of MProf Games Development project NJA from the Digital Native Team

Created and organised Next Level Dundee 2009 from Iain Smith Next Level Dundee.

Produced and designed two educational games for Science Sensation

Produced and designed BBC SoundTank for ProtoType project (Video to come!)

Unreal Editor narrative level design

UDK work and development of a rotoscope animation to come this summer!