Friday, 20 November 2009

What to make of the Global Games Jam...?

As the links suggest, the time is nearing for another Global Games Jam. I think, from an "approaches to the industry" point of view, its all well and good, but from production management point of view its perpetuating all of the things that are wrong with development processes. Don't build in a readiness for crunch periods for newcomers to the industry! If people continue to accept crunch, and avoid proper pre-production, then the development process is never going to become more streamlined.

I was pleased to read an article about six months or so ago about Realtime Worlds now paying for overtime, but I was outraged at how much of a deal the media made of it. Its 2009 and this is a breakthrough?!

Anyway... games jams can be run over 5-7 days you know...

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