Sunday, 26 April 2009

Big Gaming Night Out!

What? Games Production Management Class Night Out
Where? Abertay Union
When? 8-9pm, Wednesday 29th March

As the class rep for the third year Abertay GPM class, I've arranged a night out for this Wednesday. I've also contacted the other GPM (and GDPM) class reps to fill their classmates in. Hopefully should be a very good night, on account of completion of all of our coursework!

In addition, Bert Wednesdays gaming chums night out will be taking place this Wednesday as usual. So the two things may overlap in some way. The idea is that their night out will begin at the Olympia pool on account of its forthcoming demolission! Either way, it'd be great to see some people out. All lecturers and non-GPM or Abertay students are welcome too!

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Next Level Dundee 2010 Teaser

Worked as producer on Trap Inc. by the Guinea Pixels team

Worked as producer of MProf Games Development project NJA from the Digital Native Team

Created and organised Next Level Dundee 2009 from Iain Smith Next Level Dundee.

Produced and designed two educational games for Science Sensation

Produced and designed BBC SoundTank for ProtoType project (Video to come!)

Unreal Editor narrative level design

UDK work and development of a rotoscope animation to come this summer!