Sunday, 26 April 2009

Top Secret Project...

With the trauma of my coursework overload on its way to end (believe me, I still don't know if I can really see the light...) I thought it'd be the right time to bring up a special project I've been playing close to my chest for some time.

Next Level Dundee, will be my attempt at organising a creative games 'jam' type event in the Dundee area. The concept behind this is that many students won't have secured industry work for their summer time, and others will not have either entered Dare to be Digital for whatever reasons, or may not have been accepted to the competition. With this in mind, Next Level Dundee will offer these people a chance to create something in their summer.

At its core, Next Level will simply be a get-together, but the uniqueness of the project is that it allows a number of people who would have otherwise not met over the summer to collaborate, and bring their varying skills to the fore. Furthermore, with some careful planning, the idea is to enlist the help of industry figures to spend some time with each group.

The format is in its infancy, but the basic premise is a very quick turnaround week long project to produce a game. As many people as are interested in the project will be invited to a team creation session the week prior to launch, and teams of between three and five will be made. The team then has all of the following week to create something brilliant. During that week, hopefully the teams will have access to some know-how from industry figures.

Anyone is welcome, but I think in its first iteration, Next Level will mainly be for Abertay students. The only strict exclusion is people who already have games industry jobs.

More news to come, launch is still a while off!

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Mount Dash - Producer on 10 week UDK prototype project with a team of 14

Next Level Dundee 2010 Teaser

Worked as producer on Trap Inc. by the Guinea Pixels team

Worked as producer of MProf Games Development project NJA from the Digital Native Team

Created and organised Next Level Dundee 2009 from Iain Smith Next Level Dundee.

Produced and designed two educational games for Science Sensation

Produced and designed BBC SoundTank for ProtoType project (Video to come!)

Unreal Editor narrative level design

UDK work and development of a rotoscope animation to come this summer!